Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring has arrived...a wee bit early

I know spring doesn't officially arrive until tomorrow, but Two Sisters is looking very springy today. I came in very early this morning and had a great time creating a flower cart display and, consequently, we've sold quite a few bouquets of tulips and hydrangeas today. The spring palette is lovely and soothing and such a treat after the dark and dreary winter.  I am a huge fan of winter and I expect that is a good thing since we lived in Alaska for many years and Maine for several, but...this winter began to get on my nerves and I am ready for a change. Spring is welcome, summer is not. I am not a fan of the stinking hot, sweltering weather that defines a Virginia summer, so I hope we can enjoy these pleasantly warm days for several months. Soul sister Joanie and I have been walking in the mornings and we enjoy seeing the daily changes in the gardens along our route. I took shots of some of the new items in the shop but you must be warned that  I am a rank amateur in the world of digital photography. Please excuse the quality of the photos that accompany this post. Hopefully I will improve, but I am not promising anything. Hope you enjoy a lovely and restful week-end!

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